New topic!

Good morning to my friends in the US!

Firstly, some news. I am currently in the process of adding some articles in the new, shiny "Introduction" topic. I want to get together the main arguments here. I am also in the process of editing these articles, as I want them to be accessible to people from backgrounds where they may not have heard of much of the vocabulary I use in my articles.

More news, I am still updating the website. Hoping to change how the navbar works soon, so don't be alarmed.

Also, I want to draw your attention to a few websites I've been looking at recently!

  • : Good information on the 'Toxic Big Tech Ecosystem' and securing your data privacy
  • Satellite : This is a decentralized, crypographic, and secure website for sharing news. A good choice for escaping the big media ecosphere.
  • Mastodon : A decentralized, community-owned social media platform!

Exceptionally well made websites to escape the big tech ecosphere and make sure your data is safe. One person using these instead of big tech won't make a difference, so be sure to tell your friends! Are efforts are best spent convincing others of the truths that we have uncovered--that is to say, without multiplying our numbers, our message will not reach those who need to hear the opposing arguments most. Educating others will be our first, most important hurdle.

I may be too busy to write more articles after today, so I hope you all have an amazing week! Feel free to reach out to me on discord, [redacted, new contact info coming soon]. I will eventually be migrating to Mastodon to better protect myself, so it is harder for my peers to uncover the fact that I hold the political views that I do. I will let you all know when that happens.

What is this?

Hello. I'm sneekr. I'm making this website in order to help spark change against propaganda and indoctrination in the US and abroad. Big mission statement, I know. If you are thinking, "What? Propaganda...?", I highly encourage you to stick around and visit me here periodically. You'll see what I mean, if you had any education like mine, you'll likely need it pointed out specifically and explained. I'd love to do that, and you can tell me if my analysis sounds correct.

For now, this website doesn't do much. I may periodically add new topics on the navbar, but I will try to get content ready for those areas before this happens. Right now, it's just this page. Eventually, I want this site to encapsule all of my writings about certain topics, from a leftist point of view. Specifically, I'd like it to reveal to others exactly how much propaganda we, as citizens from Western countries, are tubefed on a daily basis. Hence the name! Though, anyone is welcome, regardless of political affiliation. In fact, I encourage you to reach out to me if you have a differing opinion, as long as we can have good faith arguments.

Eventually, I want everyone to be able to submit articles here, along with some staff to vet those articles and make sure they're made in good faith. For that, I'll make some rudimetary submission rules, but for now, it's just based on my judgement.

I encourage you to stick around and even contact me! I do my best to remain open-minded at all times.
If you'd like to contact me, feel free to reach out on discord. My discord is [redacted].